Be Open. Be Loved. Be Aware. Be Free.

Mastering the life art of an open mind & a positive attitude.

About Tina

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Tina (Tinne Vanhoof) is a life observing, people loving, God praising, sky admiring, music embracing, world discovering, rain dancing, sun adoring, rainbow spreading, out-of-the-box thinking, meaning seeker and the proud owner of a positive, curious and open attitude.


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About Positina


Positina wants to bring:

more positive thoughts
more positive ideas
more positive feelings
and eventually…
more positive actions
& reactions
in people’s lives.


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Welcome to Positina!

Enjoy inspiration, love and a strong positive vision spread by real people
with a big heart for life!


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Be Open. Be Loved. Be Aware. Be Free. Be Positive! Learn More